Colorado Elk and Mule Deer Hunts – Colorado Fishing Guide

Rocky Mountain Outfitters, a premier outfitter for Colorado Elk and Mule Deer Hunts was started out of our love for hunting and the great outdoors. Many times we have taken our family and friends out, and wanted to share our experiences with others. We are proud to offer many different guided hunts, and what we guarantee, is an adventure with each one! If you haven’t experience a Colorado Elk Hunts, then you will be in for a real treat!

We find many hunters prefer hunting elk, or mule deer, because we have permits in some of the best national forest and private land for both species. Also offering great bear hunts, and our antelope hunts are on some of the most desirable private lands around. And not to brag but we have the most successful mountain lion hunts in the state. If you have enough preference points, our bighorn sheep, & mountain goat hunts are what we are known for.

We are an outfitter that keep a close eye on our herds. We know which areas are the best for which species, because we live where we hunt. Our experts know how many hunters we can take in a given area and still get the best results.

Working Hard for Our Clients

If you’re a serious hunter, then you will appreciate Rocky Mountain Outfitters. We work hard for our hunters, and expect our hunters to do the same. Our hunts can be physically demanding and we appreciate when our hunters are prepared. The better shape you are in when you get here, the better we help you get your animal.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters considers each hunt an adventure. We know this could be your hunt of a lifetime and want it to be a memorable hunt. Our family atmosphere that is complimented with great camp cooking and a comfortable camping experience. This is why many hunters choose RMOOC.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado is dedicated to guiding hunters into the beautiful Rocky Mountains for the “hunt of a lifetime.” We are permitted in Units 681, 561, 56, 57, 58, 481, 49, 82, & 86 in the National Forest- around 600,000 acres of hunting paradise.

We also have access to thousands of acres of private land for those who prefer the adventure without the high altitude. More info on the different hunts that we offer.

Our National Forest hunts, take place out of a base camp that is set up with a cook and all the needed amenities to provide you with a comfortable 5 day hunting experience. Please be sure to contact us with any questions you may have.














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Guided Elk Hunts

At RMOOC we give you a variety of opportunities for Colorado Elk Hunts. From a private land hunt to National Forest and Backcountry hunts, we focus on providing our clients with the best opportunity for harvesting their trophy Elk. Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado offers premier guided elk hunts. All of our elk hunts and big game hunting are fair chase and we provide clients with phenomenal big game hunting opportunities.

Being located near Rocky Mountain National Park, we have some of the largest migrating elk herds crossing the area. On our Colorado Elk Hunts, clients typically we will see bulls ranging from 270” to up to 360” or larger! Colorado elk hunting tags can be easily attained through a draw in early April and some tags can be purchased over the counter. Take a moment to learn more about our Colorado Elk hunts and how you can join us on your next Elk hunting adventure!



    Mule Deer Hunts

    Trophy Class Mule Deer Hunting in Colorado at its finest. At RMOOC we are well know for 180″ + mule deer and a phenomenal success rate for our clients. With very little competition on our private land hunts, we are sure to keep our success rate high!

    Boasting a near 100% success rate our Colorado Mule Deer hunts we are sure that when you hunt with RMOOC you are sure to place you on an opportunity of a lifetime. We have a variety of mule deer hunting packages to accommodate all clients and their preferred hunting type.



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    Do It Yourself Hunts

    DIY Colorado Elk and Mule Deer Hunts (Do It Yourself) are a great alternative to a fully guided hunt.  We have several remote camp locations that may require a horse ride or wheelers to camp, depending on health, age or type of hunt.  We set up your camp, and bring you and your minimum group size of 3 in to your camp for a five day hunt.  Longer hunts may be arranged.  Our camp will be set up with tent, cook gear, and shower if you wish.  You provide your own food, and hunting gear.   We will give tips on where good areas are from your camp. 

    Big Horn Sheep Hunts

    Our Bighorn Sheep hunts are taken very seriously. Hunting Bighorn Sheep in the the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is a life changing experience and challenge of the hunt is why many sportsmen and women choose RMOOC for their hunting adventure.

    Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunts in the the Rocky Mountains is one of our favorite hunts. It can take many years of preference points to get drawn for this hunt, so we take this hunt very serious. This is a seven day hunt, and we are scouting all summer, and know where the best rams are. We are fortunate to have some of the best ram hunting areas in the state. We have units S-10, S-11, S-12, S-17, S-20, S-47, and S-68. The challenge of the hunt includes treacherous terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, and illusive animals.