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RMOOC – Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado LLC offers fully guided hunts, and what we guarantee, is an adventure. Most hunters prefer elk, or mule deer, however we also hunt bear, antelope, and mountain lion. If you have enough preference points, bighorn sheep, & mountain goat offer a fantastic hunt. We have plenty to offer at RMOOC.

At RMOOC we are full time outfitters that keep a good eye on our herds. We know which areas are the best for which species and know how many hunters we can take in a given area and still get the best results.

If you’re a serious hunter, then you will appreciate our Colorado hunting guides. We work hard for our hunters, and expect our hunters to do the same. Our hunts are physically demanding and we appreciate when our hunters are prepared. The better shape you are in when you get here, the better we can do for you.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters considers each hunt an adventure. We know this could be your hunt of a lifetime and want it to be a memorable hunt. Our family atmosphere that is complimented with great camp cooking and a comfortable camping experience. This is why many hunters choose RMOOC

The staff is dedicated to guiding hunters into the beautiful Rocky Mountains for a hunt of a lifetime. Colorado is home to over 300,000 elk and a great herd of mule deer. We are permitted in Units 681, 561, 56, 57, 58, 481, 49, 82, & 86 in the National Forest– around 600,000 acres of hunting paradise.













Marc Erickson

e. marc@rmooc.net

Marc Erickson is one of the owners of Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado and is also one of your guides. Marc has been passionate about hunting and being in the outdoors for as long as he can remember. Helping you chase the big game animal of your dreams is a challenge that he is always up for.

Ben Adair

elk, deer, fishing guide
e. ben@rmooc.net

Ben Adair loves scouting all year long, and loves knowing that his hunts are successful. You will definitely want to come back and hunt with him again! With years as a Colorado hunting guide, he will work hard, to get you on your animals, and he will also make sure you are fed like kings. If you want to go out fishing, he is your guy!

Dana Reese

deer, antelope guide
e. trevor@rmooc.net

Dana is our antelope and private land deer hunting expert! He will take you on your adventure, and you will love every minute of it! He knows how important a hunt is, and makes it his top priority to make it successful for you!

Amber Adair

e. amber@rmooc.net

Info Coming Soon!

Josh Rynders

elk, deer, fishing guide

Hey my name is Josh and I’m extremely passionate about big game hunting! Hunting is a year round activity for me whether it be scouting, shed hunting, pursuing big game, or just talking about hunting! I love exploring and learning new country for future areas to hunt as well. I look forward to being your guide and making new friends as I help you achieve your big game hunting dreams! I’m eager to work hard to ensure your hard earned hunt is fun and successful so you can enjoy your adventure in the mountains!

Steve Qilico

deer, elk, fishing guide

Steve is an avid hunter, fly fisherman, and outdoorsman. Between elk, mule deer, whitetails, and big swamp hogs, he has hunted big game across the country and knows what it takes to be successful. He will work hard to ensure you have the absolute best experience possible!

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