Colorado Bighorn Sheep

Colorado bighorn sheep hunting

Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunts in the the Rocky Mountains is one of our favorite hunts. It can take many years of preference points to get drawn for this hunt, so we take this hunt very serious. This is a seven day hunt, and we are scouting all summer, and know where the best rams are. We are fortunate to have some of the best ram hunting areas in the state. We have units S-10, S-11, S-12, S-17, S-20, S-47, and S-68. The challenge of the hunt includes treacherous terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, and illusive animals.

Typical days during the hunt consist of getting up 2 hours before sunrise, eating a light breakfast with coffee, then heading out to a morning hunt. Bring good optics, because we will spend some time glassing. We will provide lunch to take and eat on the trail, or head back to camp depending on how far we have traveled that morning. The animals are usually less active during the middle of the day, so a nap is always an option. We hunt the evening, which is when the animals are on the move towards their feeding areas. After the evening hunt, we will head back to camp, and enjoy a great dinner around the fire. Morning comes fast, so we like to make sure our hunters are well rested for the next day.

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Guided Hunts


per hunt

(Seven full days of hunting)
Included with the hunt

  • 1 on 1 guided
  • All meals and food
  • Camp and transportation during the hunt
  • (Cost of license not included)
  • Deposits are non-refundable




    Colorado high country hunting

    Bighorn Season Dates

    Below are our Big Horn Sheep Hunting season dates. Check with us for details on booking your next Colorado hunting adventure.

    • Archery Big Horn –
      • S12
    • Rifle Big Horn –
      • S10,20,68
      • S11,12,17
      • S47

    Plan a Bighorn Hunt

    While planning your Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunt can be difficult at times, packing for an adventure should not have to be. Here at RMOOC we have created a few checklists to help ensure our clients are well prepared.

    • Hunter safety needed for any hunter born after 1949
    • Warm and cold weather gear
    • Rain gear
    • Headlamp and extra batteries
    • Day pack with camelback
    • Range Finder
    • Good optics
    • Sleeping bag
    • Waterproof hunting boots
    Colorado high country hunting


    “My experience with Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado has shown me that Kevin and Marc are men of high character.  They have proven to me that they excel in providing a great hunting experience.” – Eric

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