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David Lovell
2018 Elk Hunt


Good morning. As a complement to RMOOC and the personnel involved in our October 2018 elk hunt, I thought share a brief accolade.
After applying for a bull tag in CO for over a decade, my father and drew for first rifle season in unit 79. Discovering this last minute, we scrambled to hire a guide for the upcoming hunt. Countless outfitters and guides, did we contact, but RMOOC was the only outfitter who put forth the effort and followed through. Kevin Meland as I recall (who was the initial POC @ RMOOC), made arrangements w/Adam Skadberg, who also and/or jointly made additional arrangements w/Ben Adair to guide us in our designated unit.
Once the hunt was planned, we arrived in Del Norte, CO and personally met Adam Skadberg and Ben Adair. Both gents were likeable, polite and eager to share in the hunt to come. Day one we followed Ben Adair into our unit to basecamp. The planned and provided services and provisions were more gracious than expected. Considerable thought and planning went into our comfort and care while on the mountain. Day two we followed Ben Adair atop his mules to just south and east of Mesa Mountain.

Before the sun came up 10-13-2018 we spotted a small herd of cow elk, just to the northeast & uphill of our heading. Shortly thereafter, a smaller group of bull elk joined the cows. Assuming we (the hunters, guides and mules) were too close to the aforementioned heard, we further assumed the hunt was over for this group of ungulates. Much to our surprise, all the bulls made a direct maneuver straight @ us. In shock we all dismounted and prepared for what was to come. Once the bulls trekked to a few hundred yards from our downhill position, I sank a 250 grain .375 H&H into the boiler room of what was now my wall hanger. A few minutes later the sun rose and Ben Adair took my father, wife and his uncle back to basecamp to swap saddles. In that time and in preparation, I’d quartered my bull, to expedite the pack out and down. Once the mule train arrived, packing the paniers and guide ?(which is another story altogether) went w/out a hitch, so to speak. Back at camp and later that evening we all enjoyed well prepared meal, just before bedtime. The following morning, 10-14-2018 my wife and I drove the harvested meat to a processor in Del Norte, CO and dad went on another hunt w/Ben Adair. Dad’s hunt was cut short to an unfortunate slip on his part. Likely unavoidable though it was, dad decided his hunt was over after the mishap.
In summary, the October 2018 first rifle hunt in unit 79 was just shy of perfect. Nearly everything went w/out a hitch! Wonderful memories and friendships were made!
I’d highly recommend RMOOC and it’s staff for anyone who’s yearning for a Colorado big game hunt or fishing adventure!
David Lovell

Colorado elk hunting


    Eric Flax

    Finance Kansas Natural Gas Operating LC

    I have had the opportunity to hunt with Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado on two trips.  The first was on public land and the second was on a private ranch.  I had never been elk hunting before and was excited to have an opportunity to make it happen.  I had done extensive research and narrowed down prospective outfitters to just a few.  After visiting with Kevin Meland, I knew that I was going to hunt with Rocky Mountain Outfitters.  As always, when trying something for the first time, like elk hunting at altitude, I was a little apprehensive about what I may have gotten myself into.  From the moment I met Kevin at the trail head, all concerns quickly faded away.

    For the public land hunt, we rode horseback up to our tent camp.  The crew with Rocky Mountain Outfitters made sure I had a solid mount and provided excellent instruction on how to ride a horse on mountain trails.  Once in camp, Kevin and Marc made every effort to make sure I was comfortable and ready to hunt.  We hiked and rode in some of the most beautiful county I’ve ever been.  The hunting was great!  We were into elk every day.  Kevin and Marc consistently put me in situations for hunting success and shot opportunities.  This public land hunt was truly an adventure!

    For my private ranch hunt, we utilized campers for sleeping and showers. We were able to get around the ranch using a side by side ATV. We still did a great deal of hiking. The scenery was breathtaking. Again, Rocky Mountain Outfitters’ attention to detail and genuine concern regarding my stay in camp and my hunting experience was outstanding. We saw elk every day and I saw some true giants. Again, Kevin and Marc consistently put me in situations to give me the best opportunity to take an elk.

    My experience with Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado has shown me that Kevin and Marc are men of high character. They have proven to me that they excel in providing a great hunting experience. They sweat the details and will make your time with them in camp or in the elk woods the best. We ate extremely well and the camp accommodations were very comfortable. I would recommend Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado wholeheartedly! I can’t wait to hunt with them again in the future!


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